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  • Welcome to Care Assist

    Health Care Service For Your Parents

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  • Best Care Service From Us.

    They Are Not Your Parents Only But Also Us! We Take Care Of Your Parents.

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  • Elderly Health Care Service

    Instead of moving into a long haul mind office as they age, numerous more established grown-ups want to remain at home for whatever length of time that conceivable.

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    On the off chance that your family perceives the benefit of maturing set up as we do, you've gone to the perfect place.

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  • Best Care For Your Parents

    Care Assist Instead Senior Care offers moderate in-home care administrations 24 hours a day, All Days a year.

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Welcome to Care Assist

Regardless of whether you need to stay in your own house, are searching for help with a more established relative, weighing up lodging alternatives or looking for exhortation on paying for care, we can help you.

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Outdoor Tour

For those of you who have already gone with ElderTreks, you may know one or even a few of our visit pioneers recorded underneath


24h/7days Care

Day in and day out Nursing and Medial Services gives custom-made care to personally in their cabin who are attempting to oversee all alone


Independent Living

Places for Independent Living are group based, cross-handicap, non-profit associations that are outlined and worked by individuals


Dementia Care

This is me is a basic apparatus for anybody getting proficient care who is living with dementia or is encountering wooziness challenges


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Awesome Services

Care Assist supplements Glenmoor House, which is another Avery home in Corby, which has joint journeys masterminded.

Assisted Living

Day in and day out Nursing and Medial Services gives custom-made care to individuals in their cabin who are attempting to oversee.

Primary Health Care

We trust that growth influences each individual in an unexpected way, and that each individual can profit by an interesting, individualized care.

Resident Care

This level of care and supervision is for individuals who can't live without anyone else's who needn't bother with 24 hour nursing care.

Companionship Service

Assisting Seniors provides trained and attentive caregivers to render fellowship, care, and protection to a person who, because of advanced age or physical or mental infirmity cannot fully care for his or her own personal or daily needs.

Homemaker Service

our Rehabilitation Services gives exhaustive therapeutic and professional recovery to deliver a representative's obstructions to employ ability.

Personal Care Services

We provide a qualified person who has been trained to support an individual's well-being and comfort by providing assistance with daily living activities

Frequently Asked?

Long haul mind includes an assortment of administrations intended to meet a man's well being or individual care needs amid a short or drawn out stretch of time.

Each Comfort Keepers office is autonomously claimed and worked. We urge you to contact your nearby office straightforwardly for a total rundown of items and administrations accessible, and in addition the rates for your region.

Yes. Administrations are accessible for as meager as a couple of hours a visit up to 24 hours, 7 days seven days, 365 days a year.

The term essential care alludes to the sort of restorative care you require first — before you become ill, before you have to see a master, before you have to go to a healing facility.

Each Comfort Keepers office utilizes a group of parental figures so that your care administration won't be hindered in the event that somebody becomes ill or takes some time off. In the event that your Comfort Keeper is inaccessible, the Client Care Coordinator will organize another parental figure and will reach you ahead of time of the change.

About Our Mission

Our mission is really to make health care accessible to anyone. We provide professional health care trainings.

About Our History

Care Assist Started in 2015.

Our Feature Service

Care Assist supplements Glenmoor House, which is another Avery home in Corby, which has joint journeys masterminded.


Transportation Facilities

There are various sorts of transportation offices that we can fabricate and work to fulfill our day by day travel needs.Care Assist provide also transport facilities


Experienced Nurse

As a basic part of nursing practice, clinical thinking is utilized to absorb data, investigate information, and settle on choices with respect to patient care


Laundry Facilities

Business, institutional and modern clothing offices clean extensive amounts of textures in an extensive variety of assortments and employments


Library Facilities

The Institute Library is open get to and current material is promptly accessible. The advance times of books fluctuate as per their interest for instructing Lorem ipsum


Schedule Checkup

Customary wellbeing exams and tests can help discover issues before they begin. They likewise can help discover issues early, your odds for treatment, cure are better


Beauty/Barbar Facilities

No longer do you or your occupants need to secure hair arrangements off-site and organize transportation. Our beauticians come to you at your area and in our Care Assist


Fitness Programs

In case you're similar to the vast majority, you invest an abundant excess energy taking a seat, which has been appeared to have negative well being results


Festival Event

The World Culture Festival 2017 is a festival of The Art of Living's 25 years of administration, humankind, deep sense of being and human qualities that was awesome

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Care Assist supplements Glenmoor House, which is another Avery home in Corby, which has joint journeys masterminded.

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